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Make Particles collide with floor in a Topdown-Game


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I'm working on a Top-Down Multiplayer Arena Shooter, and I ran into some issue with the emitter. Every time the player shoots, it drops a gun-shell. This gun-shell basicly falls out of the screen and thats it. But what i want is that the shell drops a few pixel and then bounces of the "floor" (which is hard to define, because its a Top-Down game). It also would be cool if the shell could stay there once it's done falling. The hard part for me is, that the "floor" isn't really a fixed Tile because it should get calculated from the players position (when fired). 


Is that possible without too much struggle?

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It might need a bit of messing about, but here's how I would go about it (which probably is how Pixelguy was hinting you should do it ?).

Every time you create or reuse a shell, because it's been fired, you save floor level Y coordinate using player position with it, it might be a bit higher or lower than that, depending on how your player is positioned.

In update method, for every visible and active gun shell, if they drop below (or above, I think top left corner is 0:0, right?) said Y level, you multiply Y velocity with -1, and I think physics calculations should take care of the rest?


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Uh my bad, I wasn't aware of the term "topdown game".

I thought it was a vertical platformer :ph34r:.


I would emit an empty shell though the emitter and give it the players x & y velocity + some exrta y velocity to make the shell "drop".

Set the shellEmitter.gravity = 0; to prevent the shell from falling out of the world.

Maybe add a "bouncing/sping" animation and collide it with every wall/obstace you have on the map.


I hope it helps but it's always easier if you post some code to work with or a screenshot of your map.


I could provide a simple example when I'm home if you need one. :)

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