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Multiplayer Framework Suggestions


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Hi everyone, I am working on a multiplayer board game and am having trouble finding a suitable framework for handling client/server communication.  I have been using NodeJS with socketIO which i like because the API is pretty straightforward, however, since it is not a dedicated game framework, I've had to write my own logic for having multiple rooms to handle multiple game instances and this got ugly really quick.  I found this library, https://www.npmjs.com/package/rumpushowever, there is little documentation and activity.  The other one that I've considered is this, https://github.com/gamestdio/colyseus, but I was wondering what others have used.  Since this is a 2d board game, with users simply taking turns, performance is not a huge deal and I'd like to keep it as minimal as possible.  This is really just a learning project so I am super concerned about things like server authentication, etc.  Thank you for any help!

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Sounds like you are looking for a high layer framework that runs on top of nodejs and socket.io.

What are you using for your cloud / server?

Have you taken a look at firebase or gamesparks? 

Also, there are a few threads here with great suggestions: 



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