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[SOLVED] How to prevent zoom on mobile devices?


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When I drag my finger out of the viewport then back in, its registered as a 2nd touch and zooming kicks in.

I'm trying to register for "leaving" events but none of them are firing.  I have this

$("#canvas").on("mouseout touchleave dragleave touchcancel", function(e) {
    alert("touch out!");

This problem exists with Android and iOS.  This works on desktop browsers though.

Does anyone know which event I need to use?

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First, I would capture only the first touch event from the canvas into an array such as:

    function getTouchPos(e) {
        if (!e)
            var e = event;

        if(e.touches) {
            if (e.touches.length == 1) {
                var touch = e.touches[0];

And then use:


That should do it...


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