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Storing custom data on mesh


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Hi Team,

I am working on an editor for room planner using babylon js. I am storing some custom properties for few of the meshes in my scene. 

shearWall.maxXPos = maxXPos;
shearWall.minXPos = minXPos;

These properties are having their use for dragging. there are other properties as well. each one of it having its own purpose.

I need to save all the data and store it in database. so that user can revisit and work from where he have left the design. to export the data, i am using:

var serializedScene = BABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize(scene);var strScene = JSON.stringify(serializedScene);

The issue is, the custom properties set are not part of json data above.

Is there a way to store the custom properties which becomes part of serializer above?

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Hi again, Masterdon.  Umm... I think scene.metaData and node.metaData... are included in serializations.  Node includes lights, cameras, and mesh... any BJS type scene item that is an extension of node.

Sooo... I suppose... make an object similar to one of our options objects.  var mySuitcase = {};  mySuitcase.maxXPos = whatever;  etc etc etc.

Then... shearWall.metaData = JSON.serialize(mySuitcase);  Does that sound sane?  When it arrives somewhere, JSON.parse it, and re-install the custom properties onto the mesh.... from the mesh's suitcase.

.metaData is your suitcase, but you must pack it before traveling, and unpack it upon arrival somewhere.  With me?  I hope so.  Others may comment... and I could have said something incorrect.  But, I think this is a WAY to do what you wish.  Report back if you discover things, okay?  thx.

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