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Hello, I'm asking because I'm not sure of my understanding  the  PIXI.basetexture WRAP_MODES:

For example:  given one container, one texture (loaded with loader) and one smaller sprite, defining PIXI.WRAP_MODES.REPEAT should fill the whole container, but it doesn't.

The following code shows a sprite inbetween the container without repeating, what I'm doing wrong ? see WRAPMODE_TEST_HERE

Thanks in advance

PS: using PIXI 4.5.5

loader.load((loader, ressources) => {
    var texture = ressources.rgba.texture;
    texture.baseTexture.wrapMode = PIXI.WRAP_MODES.REPEAT;
    var sprite = new PIXI.Sprite(texture);
    sprite.width = 312
    sprite.height = 312


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@ivan.popelyshev thanks for reply, TilingSprite is not suitable for me because my scale factors are not whole numbers.

I added a link of the testcase in the first thread .

So you think I should implement the repeat function for example in a filter?


Edit: Changed my scenario to TilingSprite, using tileScale and tilePosition works fine now, but how to rotate?

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That's one of features I had add to TilingSprite personally :)

Look closer at https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/dev/src/extras/TilingSprite.js#L116 , TilingSprite have actual transform on the inside! You can specify not only position and scale but also other things!

You might want to synchronize it with some other container to create elements that will live "on top" of that tilingSprite.

Btw, nice nickname! I'm also java/scala/kotlin developer ^_^ 


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