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Animation change

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Hey team!! as part of a change I need to do for animation, I introduced a new internal class named RuntimeAnimation.

The rationale behind this class is to make a bit clearer how animations work.

Animation (the class) is here to define an animation and its main goal is to store the keys and associated values (type, loop, easing)

When you start an animation on a mesh by using scene.beginAnimation(mesh), all the animations stored on mesh.animations will be used to create an Animatable.

Animatable is a store of a list of runtimeAnimation which will use the animation as source and which will be used to interpolate values.


Before my change Animation class was used for both storing the data and running the actual interpolations which was misleading.


I DON'T think that this will break any existing code. But If I'm wrong please report your findings here.


(let me ping @Wingnut as I know he was playing a lot with animations)

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Thx DK, for both trying to improve the animation system, and for pinging me.

My old animation test scene is working fine, looking as healthy as ever.  I also toured many PG's that mentioned 'animatable', and they are all looking good, too. 

All seems well.  PARTY!  :)

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