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How to set same style to multiple elements with one line of code

Anahit DEV

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Hello to all coders,

I need to add same styling to multiple elements/variables. How i can write the code/syntax in Phaser so i do that with one line of code not 100s lines for same thing. For example


basicTableJackpotSymbolOn.alpha = 0;
game.add.tween(basicTableJackpotSymbolOff).to({alpha: 1}, 500, "Linear", true);
basicTableBarSymbolOn.alpha = 0;
game.add.tween(basicTableBarSymbolOff).to({alpha: 1}, 500, "Linear", true);
basicTableMelonSymbolOn.alpha = 0;
basicBetYellowRectV2N3Point.fill = '#999999';
basicBetYellowRectV2N4Point.fill = '#999999';
basicBetYellowRectV2N5Point.fill = '#999999';
basicBetYellowRectV2N6Point.fill = '#999999';


Thanks in advance.

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Transforming is rotating scaling, positioning/moving your group. Yes you can definitely do that, but if you transform your group it might be that your sprites will not have the position that you pass as A parameter. This might not be your issue though. Do you have an example of your code?  

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Yes here it is @samid737

basicTableJackpotSymbol = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'basicTableJackpotSymbol');
basicTableJackpotSymbol.alignIn(basicBetLeftRectV1N2, Phaser.CENTER);
basicTableJackpotSymbol.frame = 0;

activateBasicPSymbols = game.add.group();
activateBasicPSymbols.addMultiple([basicTableJackpotSymbol,basicTableBarSymbol,basicTableMelonSymbol,basicTablePlumSymbol,basicTablePearSymbol,basicTableRaspberrySymbol,basicTableAppleSymbol,basicTableOrangeSymbol,basicTableLemonSymbol,basicTableCherrySymbol,basicTableSignSymbol], false);
function activateBasicPSymbolsFunc(activatedSymbol){
	activatedSymbol.frame = 0;


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