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React Fiber Renderer


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I created a very early, very alpha React renderer for PIXI. There's some other projects out there but I wanted to start from scratch.

You can get it at https://github.com/dakom/react-pixi-renderer

However, be warned, performance kindof sucks if you use it for lots of nodes. See this test/demo I wrote that tries to figure out where the bottleneck is: https://dakom.github.io/react-renderer-test/

Turns out that the bottleneck is basically React itself and the size of the tree. The React-pixi-renderer could be really useful for declaratively describing a few of a small number of items - I get a solid framerate for like <4000 bunnies on desktop.

If performance is an issue for lots of items, you can squeeze more juice out of it by constructing the architecture so that the edge nodes render null rather than proper elements, though that means ditching the inherent pipeline and managing your own objects. That technique can work with any renderer and using ReactDOM vs. this custom renderer, so there's no real point in using this renderer if you go that route.

Have fun!

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