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'no attribute' export errors (Blender)


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I've tried exporting about ten different random models (mostly from https://opengameart.org/ ) and have had exactly zero success.

The error I get is always get some variation of 

ERROR:  'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_index_of_bone'

('get_index_of_bone' part might be something else depending on the model I'm trying to export)

Not being a 3d designer I have absolutely no idea what the above error could mean, so I feel there needs to be some sort of checklist for preparing models for babylon.js export, because although it works for primitives with no animation/bones/etc, it neither works nor provides sufficient feedback for real-world models.

 Are there any such resources available and if not where would be a good place to start one?

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Not buying the premise that random stuff off the internet constitutes a real-world model.  Usually this stuff was considered "done" by the authors once it rendered inside blender.  Since it was not thought that it was going to be exported, and they were not going to be charging for the content, the results are usually fairly poor.  Blend files which were made with very old versions of .blender also cause problems.

The error has to do with not lining up the skeleton with a mesh. I just put in better defensive code for this case.  A log warning will be generated in the .log file, and a .babylon file generation will not be stopped by an exception.  The skeleton will simply be ignored. Release 5.4.1 PR, in progress.

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