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2D Game Artist & Animator (Pixel Art & Vector Art)


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My name is Luka and I'm 2D artist/game developer, and I mainly work in pixel art and vector graphics.

I work in a variety of styles, ranging from a very low-res, color limited NES style, up to highly detailed sprites and tiles.

Since I also develop my own games, I'm very familiar with how art is implemented in different game engines, so my art is always optimized and can be added to your existing project quickly.

I should also mention that currently I'm only looking for paid projects, but that could change in the future.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

[email protected]

Some examples of my work:


qoDZudx.gif  n0uPFxX.gif 
 UbP3yKO.gif  EDjIvee.gif 
 k8pPVBU.gif  nsJxC6J.gif

tNUT27D.gif      zwTnKPi.gif     
 JMnUTnS.gif      S58cccQ.gif     
 p8HKt7g.gif      bGgIBmy.gif













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Wow I wanna hire you! You're the perfect artist for my multiplayer game Bob the Brawler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU6kptNz1Zs

Though, I would say, your skills are even greater than my minimal requirements so I don't want to hold you back there.

As well as...I can't pay so don't even invest too much time into this comment. ?

I'm just here to say your art is COOL! ?

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