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Scrollbar for stage


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Its a bad idea. GPU doesn't call fragment shaders for offscreen pixels, but in huge renderer they will be called.

PIXI doesn't have optimizations.regarding offscreen sprites, because it depends on application, there are problems with culling in other engines, and here they will be tenfold because JS is slow and time for detection of those sprites is comparable with the time GPU spends on them.

Also, if you are going to implement scroll, please dont use "stage.width" and "stage.height" properties, neither "stage._width" or "stage._height" fields. If you use them. please read docs and look up the source code of "PIXI.Container". People tend to have big problems with it.\

Also look up what "pivot" is, its reverse "position" applied after scale and rotation - very handy when it comes to scrolling.


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