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GUI - left / right click possible?


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With C2D i've used action managers left pick trigger for drag / click stuff and right pick trigger to make context menus, is there a way to enable right click on Babylon GUI elements?

I can only find the pointer down / up events. <_<

Thanky hanky.

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Yes i suppose.

Action manager has:




and i use the left and right pick triggers, not the first one that triggers on both.

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@lihis -

If you're going to use right mouse events to trigger 'something', your browser will pop up the default context menu for each specific browser; which makes right mouse events annoying at best. However, you can disable the browser's default context menu by returning "false" in the event handler when capturing the onContextMenu event.


<body oncontextmenu="return false;">

If this is something you're already aware of, great. However, it's good for others to know as most Devs don't use right mouse events due to the various browser's displaying the context menu by default.


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Ah, yes, nice tips.

I had indeed already done something very similar as it was annoying having that pesky browser context menu popping up!

Thankfully it was a problem easily solved with the help of google and copy paste. :lol:

Probably used right click for that... :P

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