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blender babylon textures confused


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I am just learning blender and babylon. blenderpic.tiff shows what it looks like in blender, which is what I am trying to do.  Babylon.tiff shows what it looks like in babylon, which is a mixed up mess.  Getting frustrated and found the butterfly_shpere_TEXTURE.jpg, which I am guessing the export is creating and then using in babylon which is wrong.  Again I don't know much, but would appreciate any help.  In blender I am only using material, texture and the uv map editor.  I would gladly provide other information if it would help, but don't know what is needed.




it works if the wings are all one texture and the body is just a color.

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As brianzinn said, the exporter will automatically bake textures if you're on Cycles. So you may turn renderer to Blender Render.

Also, to share images in your posts, please use jpg or png, then you can show them directly on your message. Use, for example, imgur to host.

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