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node/hierarchy and scenes?


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trying to get started with Pixi and I'm wondering:


* hierarchy

what the tools are for building up a hierarchy of elements?

i'm looking for similar to:



we have sprite.addChild() - is that the grouping item?

and also DisplayObjectContainer.

which is the preferred way to create a scene graph hierarchy?


* scene manager

also a Scene/Director to move between different entire scenes

is there a manager for this?

are there any ways to do transitions between scenes (using stage?)


* building UIs

are there any components for UIs? sliders, buttons, other widgets...

I'm picking through the examples but they are mostly focusing on the game and sprites, if anyone can suggest other broader tutorials of building menus and navigation between UI screens, that would be great :)

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- hierarchy


Pixi is a scene graph, Sprite is just a DisplayObejctContainer but with a texture.



- Scene manager


Scenes can be thought of as just display object containers that you show/hide. You can do any effect you want with alpha and visibility. Pixi is a rendering engine, not a game engine so there is no concept of "Scenes" only containers, sprites, and textures.



- building UIs


I highly recommend using HTML elements for this, doing form elements inside of a canvas is frustrating for the developer and the user (just like it was with flash).


The tutorials you are talking about sound game-centric, pixi isn't a game engine only a rendering engine. It is used in chart libraries, games, website effects, and a lot of other things. If you are looking for game features check out an engine based on pixi like Phaser or Grapefruit.

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