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Rendering HTML in a Babylon scene?


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Hi Folks,

I'm trying to build a Babylon app that will potentially pull in external content, and some of the content would be very easy to present if I were able to put rendered HTML inside of my Babylon scene.

Is it possible to render some HTML in Babylon?  Possibly as a sprite or a texture on a mesh?

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Hi guys!  Hey, I recently mentioned HTML-on-a-plane in another thread.  DJ view!  :)

Focomoso is precisely right, I think. A picture of a webpage... as a texture... works.  But no browser-like interacting allowed.  What a shame, eh?  *nod*

Quick reminder (and a hearty welcome-to-forum) to exolon... you CAN absolute-position any HTML node atop/over a canvas... but it is not really part of the canvas webGL scene.   A canvas has a "context".  Sometimes 2d, sometimes 3d, but no mixed hybrids, yet.  :)

Ok, bye again.

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