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HDRCubeTexture Flipped The Wrong Way


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Hey guys... When I load a texture using HDRCubeTexture as a reflectionTexture it is flipped the wrong way... Can I control that with some property that is serialized into the scene...


Note: the texture is loaded from a serialized scene json file... is there I property I can set to flip the HDRCubeTexture the right way :)


As Always pinging @Deltakosh and @Sebavan 

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Yo @Deltakosh ... Here is two scene shots... The BabylonsJS render of the reflected scenery is flipped. How can I I correct that?


The first is Unity Editor using a Custom .hdr for reflection probe



The second shot is my babylon render using a .hdr HDRCubeTexture as reflectionTexture (Note: Serialized To Scene Json)




Any thoughts :)



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4 minutes ago, Deltakosh said:

Can you share the code used by the scene?

Ping @Sebavan

@Deltakosh and @Sebavan


There is no code. Its serialized in scene json:

"customType": "BABYLON.PBRMaterial",
      "directIntensity": 1.0,
      "emissiveIntensity": 1.0,
      "environmentIntensity": 1.0,
      "specularIntensity": 1.0,
      "cameraExposure": 1.0,
      "cameraContrast": 1.0,
      "microSurface": 1.0,
      "albedoTexture": null,
      "ambientTexture": null,
      "opacityTexture": null,
      "reflectionTexture": {
        "customType": "BABYLON.HDRCubeTexture",
        "size": 128,
        "useInGammaSpace": false,
        "generateHarmonics": true,
        "usePMREMGenerator": false,
        "isBABYLONPreprocessed": false,
        "name": "WTF_Reflection.hdr",
        "level": 1.0,
        "hasAlpha": false,
        "getAlphaFromRGB": false,
        "coordinatesMode": 3,
        "isCube": true,
        "uOffset": 0.0,
        "vOffset": 0.0,
        "uScale": 1.0,
        "vScale": 1.0,
        "uAng": 0.0,
        "vAng": 0.0,
        "wAng": 0.0,
        "wrapU": 1,
        "wrapV": 1,
        "coordinatesIndex": 0,
        "isRenderTarget": false,
        "renderTargetSize": 0,
        "mirrorPlane": null,
        "renderList": null,
        "animations": null,
        "extensions": null,
        "samplingMode": 3



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9 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

ok I see. could you try to repro in the PG? will be far easier to help

I am trying... I am cleaning up all the 'hard coded - ill come back to that' areas I had... Working as fast as I an on it.

An pulling out all the LDRCubeTexture and trying to use a Spherical Map PNG as a regular skybox... Just keeping it simple using normal 6 sided for skyboxes.

I still support HDR - EXR - DDS for all other High Dynamic Range image usage (like reflections)

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