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how to move player in facing direction?


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Sorry in advance for my bad english language. :D

I am new in babylon.js and I tried some things and i relly like it.Now I want to make RPG game when player will be move forward with "w" and  will go to  mouse pointer direction but I can´t to figure out. Always redBox (player)  wierdly go in to opposite duraction and in a case of collision i don't have any idea how it works :D 

here si my project : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3F5YVW#2 

 I will be so glad if you can show me way how to reach a results . :)

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Sorry for my  inactivity, I had to do same staff in my  college.  :D 

I looked to your link and It is so cool but in my exampel it worke really wierdly . I don´t  konw why ... in my exampel  collision   chceks  sooner and in some position chceks  later. Gravity  is relly sensitive  when  a  var gravity = 1 ;  - shoot redBox to the univers  if  var gravity =  0.9 ;  - redBox will vanish under gound.  

Exampel  :  http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3F5YVW#4 




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