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Reset Ball after Falling Down


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Hi Guys, 

I followed the eBook to create this super monkey ball game. When the ball fell off the cliff or spiked by the spikes, it will be reset to the start position with a height of 5, then it will drop and rest on the block. Oimo.js is used as the physics engine. Below is my reset function:

   Player.prototype.reset = function(pos){
     this.directions = [0,0];
     this.rotations = [0,0];
     this.position = pos;
     this.position.y = Player.START_HEIGHT;

      this.rotation = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero();

My question/issue is: After falling down the cliff, and resetting the ball, the ball will not be upside up sometimes. i.e. when I push it to go forward, it will jump up instead. When I rotate it to left, it will rotate to right. Do you have any idea about this issue?


Thank you very much.



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Hi guys!  Welcome aboard, Robin!

In my opinion, this line is not necessary or useful:   this.rotation = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero();

When a mesh gets a physics impostor, it no-longer uses its Euler .rotation property/value.

Instead, it uses the swell .rotationQuaternion property/value.

Soooo... I think if you replace your last line... with this:

this.rotationQuaternion = BABYLON.Quaternion.Zero();

...then there will be dancing in the streets.  Give her a try.  Report back, if you would.  thx.

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this.rotationQuaternion = BABYLON.Quaternion.Zero();

I tried the code above, but it does not work. A purple screen will be displayed forever. I do not quite understand the API description below. It seems that this attribute is read only? 


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The attribute is not read-only, but if you set it it will be used INSTEAD OF the 'rotation' attribute to compute the mesh rotation.

Wingnut is right, you don't reset the rotation of your physical body when resetting the player. In OIMO, there is a method called 'resetRotation'. 
Could you try this : 



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I wonder - what would happen if you reset the mesh's rotationQuaternion?


The Quaternion.Zero() function is rather misleading. A quaternion is "reset", when x,y,z are 0 but w is 1. For that you have the BABYLON.Quaternion.Identity() function.

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ahh, yup, I just "guessed-at" using Q.Zero().  Thanks R.  I think you might be right.

[lines removed here - further testing proved Wingnut's statements to be full-of-crap, so removed] :x


lines 88-98 area.  .rotation.y in render loop keeps on truckin, even after I set a 3-second-delayed quaternion.anything in line 92.

Why did I think that putting a rotationQuaternion onto tiledGround after 3 seconds... would stop the renderLoop rotater?  What was I thinking?

I tried setting the quaternion to Zero(), Identity(), copyFromFloats(0,0,0,1), it just wouldn't stop the .rotation.y.  hmm.  Go fig.  I have more learning to do.

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