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Easy way to compute the bounding box or sphere of a Scene


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scene.getWorldExtends() will give you a bounding box (min and max vectors) that you could use. The ARcRotate's FramingBehavior (camera.useFramingBehavior = true) will actually set the limits to your arc rotate using the scene, so you could use this as well. You might want to disable features you don't want (like zoom on a model).

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Hi guys!  arcCam.useFramingBehavior?  Cooooool!  I like that one.  Thx for ref, RainMan... err.. Raanan.  ;)  Did you invent that feature, R?  Nice.

We have had quite a few requests for "keep all mesh in-view", eh?  *nod*

xuchen:  (loose quote) Summing all mesh boundingBoxes... to compute total scene.meshes.boundingBox area... yep... seriously boring.  :)  FUNNY, and true.

Sort of like requiring 24 hours of foreplay before... umm... nah, let's not go there.  :D

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