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Difference between position, rotationQuaternion of mesh and bone


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Hi all!

Please tell me what is Difference  between position, rotationQuaternion of mesh and bone. Because when I apply same position and rotationQuaternion animations to same hierarchy parent-child meshes vs bones I get difference results - (bone-animations result seem wrong).

How to correct bone-animations?


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Hi vinhpt!  Could you please show us the problem... using a BJS playground scene?

Perhaps you could start... with https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#E49AL#7 and do some adjusting?  Feel free to make more SAVEs in that PG series, and paste the new URL's to this thread.  ie.  #8, #9, etc

Or perhaps that demo will answer your questions?

Wingnut guess:  One or many of your bones... already have unnoticed transformations applied.  Their rotationQuaternions are not 0,0,0,1 when animation starts.

I am newbie for bones/skeleton stuff.  Smarter people will likely comment, soon, but... everyone LOVES having a simple playground that shows the problem.  thx.

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My .babylons files is quite big so the playground not allow to save. So please see the .babylons file in this post:

- ken_box2.babylon (no bone and animation playing is correct). This can run auto direct on http://sandbox.babylonjs.com/

- ken_box.babylon (has bone but animation playing is wrong - compare bones positions with above meshes positions). Cannot run auto on sandbox so add this lines in function BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load

          scene.beginAnimation(_scene.skeletons[0].bones[0], 0, 300, false, 1);
          scene.beginAnimation(_scene.skeletons[0].bones[1], 0, 300, false, 1);
          scene.beginAnimation(_scene.skeletons[0].bones[2], 0, 300, false, 1);

Both files have the same X, Y, Z and Animations (the only difference is replace meshes <-> bones)

I want correct the has-bone file. Help me please! Thanks!



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