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Volumetric Light


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Having a play with volumetric lighting scattering post process. I'm trying to achieve a beam of light, like that from a torch or spot light. So far I've only managed to get points of light to emit from the mesh in a radial/global pattern.

Is it possible to control how the rays are emitted from the mesh and/or light


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Hiya PixelPush!  Sorry for the slow replies.

By design-necessity, the godrays (VLS) system is a post-process effect, which means it is sort-of "down-stream" from 3D land.  It is done during the view rendering.  It is a 2D thing.  https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HYFQJ#23

(Wingnut doesn't talk 'tech' very well.)

I once tried some real 3D cones on some spotlights... with a little smoke/fog as a texture on the cones, and some alpha (transparency).  It's okay, I guess.  Fake VLS.  :)  You can adjust cone transparency in lines 204, 212, 220, 228.  http://playground.babylonjs.com/#2IGNZ2#3

Generally speaking, real-life lights don't show their "volume" until a bit of fog, smoke, rain, snow, or dust blows-through the beam.

Others may have better comments and examples.  Stay tuned.

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