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MOBA character movement


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What  I want to achieve:

  • as long as the mouse button is pressed, character follows it
  • when a player releases mouse button character moves to the position, where the cursor was during release
  • when a player clicks the mouse button character moves to that position of cursor using pathfinding on longer distance

The first two points work suprisingly well with the use of arcade physics. I keep setting velocity each time mouse position is changed and store the last mouse position, so it can be used when the mouse button is released. I can drag character around the map this way, he bumps into obstacles and slides around them when I manipulate the mouse, this is the expected behavior and I am very happy about it.

Because the movement is free and doesn't snap to grid, I have a hard time implementing pathfinding. When I use navmesh, character keeps getting stuck on the edges, because setting velocity isn't very accurate.

When a mouse button is pressed, my pathfinding algorithm stores a path in an array and since I want the fastest path it will most likely lead close to a wall/obstacle, and I come to this example problem:

Next destination on my path is x:200, y:400, my character has a velocity set, and one frame he is at 199:398, but the next frame he will be at 201:402, so I have to choose when I want it to count he reached the destination, sometimes that one pixel difference from what was expected leads to him being stuck at the corner, because arcade physics will block it.

My two ideas are: force it to always stop at the exact location, but this looks wierd, it shifts a pixel every time it reaches the end of a path, the other idea is to turn off arcade physics when I am using pathfinding, but I am afraid this will cause more problems.

I am not exactly sure how to go about it.


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