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Unable to repick tile


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Hi folks,

first time into Phaser, and so far so good except...

I have Tilemap with data from CSV, with one board checker. My goal is to have possibility to pick and set it to new playing field. 

With below snippet after one "pick and leave" it is not possible to pick him again.

    private _updateMarker(): void {
        this.pointer.x = this.playerLayer.getTileX(this.game.input.activePointer.worldX) * Constants.TILE_SIZE;
        this.pointer.y = this.playerLayer.getTileY(this.game.input.activePointer.worldY) * Constants.TILE_SIZE;

        if (this.game.input.mousePointer.isDown) {   
            if(this.currentTitle !== null) {
                this.map.putTile(this.currentTitle, this.playerLayer.getTileX(this.pointer.x), this.playerLayer.getTileY(this.pointer.y), this.playerLayer);
                this.map.removeTile(this.currentTitle.x, this.currentTitle.y, this.playerLayer);
                this.currentTitle = null;
            } else {
                this.currentTitle = this.map.getTile(this.pointer.x, this.pointer.y, this.playerLayer);

So maybe you have some idea what is going wrong here :)

Thanks in advance!

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