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hoverboard setup

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Hover-tech would certainly ruin the crane industry, eh?  :)

Let's see, longshoreman ops... container ships.  hmm.  Crosswinds.  hmm.

I'm thinkin' that the rope and cable industry would take-off.  All hoveroids would need to be tied/tethered to something.  :)

ahh, I guess they would have an on/off switch (watch your toes).

Let's see.... we would hang a little remote control "puller car"... on those big-tall cross-country high-tension power lines... and then tow hundreds of hovering train cars and semi-trailers full of freight... cross-continent... pulled by that little power-line straddling pull-car.  Cool!

Braking upon arrival at destination... could be an issue.  :o  Mo-Mentos - the crash-maker.

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