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Mesh vs AbstractMesh

Art Vandelay

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I have never used it directly, but often need to declare it in TypeScript in function parameters for Typing, ie: for PickingInfo.pickedMesh:

Here is an example of current state of VR Experience Helper (may change before 3.1 final) for setting a predicate for selection:

let experienceHelper = new BABYLON.VRExperienceHelper(scene);
experienceHelper.onNewMeshSelected.add((mesh: BABYLON.AbstractMesh, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) : void => {
  console.log('selected', mesh.name, mesh.isPickable)

If I was in JavaScript would not be using AbstractMesh, though.  If you don't know the difference - TypeScript transpiles down to JavaScript and all the typing information is lost anyway.

Also, would say that having "Abstract" in the name of the class is a good indication that you would not create your own instances (ie: abstract classes cannot be instantiated).

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AbstractMesh is selected here because all Meshes derive from it. We already had an internal discussion about the name, which all of us kind'a agree - It is not the most fortunate name. Having said that - it will not be changed. You can always cast to Mesh (if you feel like it will look better in code).

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