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How to get saturated colors with PBRSpecularGlossy ?


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It seems like in the GlossySpecular workflow, the values of diffuseColor and diffuseTexture are not multiplied together. 

Then, if you wan't a material with a quite saturated color, like


Adding a texture with this green is not the same as setting this green as the diffuseColor.

Sample playground is here : http://playground.babylonjs.com/indexstable#6DDR9C#1

Is there a configuration for the PBR Material to get the result we see with a monochromatic texture, without using any texture ? 

Thanks a lot ! Have a nice day,

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You need to convert your color to linearSpace because factors or static colors are meant to be linear whereas texture works in gamma space.

Little Sample:


First is standard (no gamma/linear space in there)

Second is PBR flat color (using the gamma color in a linear space input)

Third highlights the PBR multiplication

4 uses the texture (flat color in gamma space)

5 uses the flat color only but in linear space for a linear space input

Hope that helps

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