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No material colors on cloned mesh (computeBonesUsingShaders = false)


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I'm a new here, but I'm very exited with Babylon.js. I started my project with it, and already dealt with several problems (mostly connected with blender export). Thanks of the community and this wonderful forum :)

But I reached a point that I can't proceed, have dug for a while, but didn't found a solution.

When I clone a mesh, it is fine on laptop, but on iPad the result is not cloned object, but instance of it. I read on the forum that I should use  computeBonesUsingShaders = false, ( http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#GTHTR#1 ). I did it that way, and it is fine. 

But another problem arise - the cloned object doesn't show colors of the materials. Probably the best way to explain is an example. Here is it:


My question is how to add colors to the cloned mesh? There are materials for t-shirt, socks, hair, etc. But all are missing.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, I want to archive this, but on iPad.

Probably I didn't explained well.

Without computeBonesUsingShaders = false, on iPad the object is not cloned, but an instance (it plays the same animation as the original object) (Screenshots anim-same-1.png)

So, computeBonesUsingShaders = false do the trick - now the cloning can play different animation than the original object. (Screenshots anim-ok-1.png)

But the colors are missing. 

My question is how to add colors when computeBonesUsingShaders = false is included?




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