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help ! Alpha material at Unity

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Good morning.
I have a question. I am working on Babylon js using Unity. I would like to use Alpha material in Unity, but what material should I use to apply Alpha in Babylon?
I've tried a lot, but it does not work. Please answer. And thanks to all those who have looked at this question.

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Hey @lee k ... Materials are dumped from Unity Material Setup... So refer to unity for details on materials...


But for a quick answer: Set the "Rendering Mode to Transparent"

Example material setup:



And of course use a texture image with ALPHA

That should do it :)


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Hey @MackeyK24,
I'm having a problem regarding the export of a material. I have no Albedo-Texture with Alpha but I want to use the Alpha of the Albedo-Color. Currently when i export it the mesh doesn't have any Alpha applied.
What could i be missing?


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