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Phaser rendering incorrect tiles from tileset


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Thanks for your help, anyone who can spare the time.

I've been digging around other threads and have found similar issues but not specifically what's happening to me, and I haven't found a solution yet.

Basically Phaser is rendering the wrong tiles when I load my tilemap and tileset image.

I'm using a tileset image that is 512/512, divided into a tileset with 16 rows and 16 columns of 32/32 tiles.

My tilemap tiles are 32/32.

I load the tilemap json object, and the image, as I'm supposed to, and then in the create function create the layers and add the sprite. My sprite is colliding with walls, but the tilemap looks like the tiles are simply a few tiles over from the index of the tiles I placed when I made my map.

Everywhere I've read says this is a problem with the tileset not being divisible by the map tiles height/width but that's clearly not the case here. Other people say it's a problem with phaser's implementation of tilemaps, but I can't figure out how to fix the problem short if editing the json by hand which seems stupid. No discernible effect is observed when I change the firstgid in the json, either.

Some code:

function preload() {
    game.load.tilemap('map', 'maps/wintertest32.json', null, Phaser.Tilemap.TILED_JSON);
    game.load.image('wintertest32', 'img/snowy.png');
    game.load.image('player', 'img/singlebunny.png', 32, 32);

function create() {

    map = game.add.tilemap('map');
    map.addTilesetImage('wintertest32', 'wintertest32');

    backgroundLayer = map.createLayer('backgroundLayer');
    platformLayer = map.createLayer('platformLayer');
    groundLayer = map.createLayer('groundLayer');
    foregroundLayer = map.createLayer('foregroundLayer');

    map.setCollisionBetween(1,6000, true, groundLayer, true)

    player = game.add.sprite(32, 32, 'player');
    player.frame = 1

and so on...



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