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The best practise of animation workflow

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What is the best practise of animation workflow for Pixi.js?

It seems the best animation design tool is still Adobe Animate.

I just tried pixi-animate, pixi-flash, and PixiGAFPlayer.


So which one is the best you think?


Features I need:

  1. GUI keyframe editor
  2. Tween
  3. FrameScript
  4. Sound
  5. getChildByName

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Yes, GAF and pixi-animate are the best things for that. Alternatively, for character animations - Spine and Creature.

But then, you'll have to do something yourself. FrameScript can be emulated through events.

For "getChildByName", there's that snippet:

Container.prototype.getChildByName = function getChildByName(name)
    for (let i = 0; i < this.children.length; i++)
        if (this.children[i].name === name)
            return this.children[i];

    return null;


I'm developing proprorietary solution for that problem too :) 

Runtime can handle really huge number of instances of characters, spine and creature dont have anything like that. At the same time, there is Flash API and support of SWF files.

Hope we'll start giving it to clients (B2B) next year.

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