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basic enemy ai pathfinder / chase system


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If anyone is interested I created a basic enemy path chase system. It may be of use to someone else trying to make one themselves or to create a better version of it.

The basics of the sytem are quite simple (mainly 2 functions)

- I created a map array and a group of enemies
- In the update function I use the chaseMe() function for the enemies to use their "line of sight" to start the chase if the player isclose to the x and y on the stage
- If the player escapes, there is a short timer that will move the enemy (moveMonster() function) in a random direction where it may "see" you again and start the chase again

It is pretty basic - the demo is below, use cursor keys to move the player


You can view the source code in the browser (ctrl + u) or download the full demo in the zip file attached




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