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Is it possible to cache/copy/clone and compose render texture?


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Hey I am building quite huge tile map from hexagons.
Basically for performance reasons I create single render texture and add a lot of sprites,and texts to it. It takes quite a lot of time to do so, but I get higher FPS and that texture is pretty much static. However there is another layer on top of this, which is dynamic, if I add another render texture to the game, FPS drops, so if I render everything to single texture FPS is still OK, however when dynamic part changes I need to rerendering whole texture and that takes too much time.
So I was thinking to generate  static texture  and cache/clone it in the memory, and compose with with dynamic texture, the composition would take a bit of time, but end result - single texture would let me keep stable FPS. So when dynamic texture changes I would need to only render dynamic texture and compose it with already cached static texture, but not sure is it possible at all?

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