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Chrome Material Issue


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Hey everyone,

I have something weird happening with the game I develop. See in this test page : http://test.wazana.io/ ( it is a special preview for you! ;) )

The materials of the units and buildings are flashing. I observed this behavior only on chrome (working normal on IE, Edge and Mozilla) and not on all computers I tested (maybe there is a problem with a specific version of chrome).
I use BABYLON.MultiMaterial on units and buildings because they always have 2 colors so one material for each color. But when it flashes on Chrome, this is either one color or the other on the entire mesh.

I put a video attached which show the bug in case you don't see it on the test page. (weird video format but playable with VLC)

Bye, Pichou


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Hi deltakosh,

I already use the 3.1 version! I tried with the 3.2 and it did stop the bug. Although I have this error in my console now : 
```babylon.custom.js:6 WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: uniform1i: location not for current program```

Is it safe to use the 3.2 preview? I haven't notice any bug for now.

Thanks pichou

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When I first saw this thread title,  I thought... "We have chromeMaterial?  Cool!"  :)

ChromeMaterial might be more handy to use... than reflectionTextures or shaders stolen from the CYOS app.

But, you guys speak-of a DIFFERENT type-of chrome material.  heh.  ohhhhh, I understand NOW.

(This type of comedy is called "low-hanging fruit".  It's when Wingnut attempts to make real comedy... from something that is only mildly-amusing.)  :)

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