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[Solved] Skybox won't load


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Hi @Dad72 -

The scene below loads fine for you?


I only get a white screen browser. No console errors in Chrome, but in Firefox I receive:


Source map error: request failed with status 404
Resource URL: http://qedsoft.com/DEMOS2017/bjs_loader/js/babylon.max.js
Source Map URL: babylon.environmentHelper.js.map

Perhaps I need a different version of babylon.js - even though it works for you. That's all I can think of as I cannot get scene.clearcolor() to work either.



I wouldn't normally ping you guys, but I've been stuck on this for 2 days - and need to have a scene finished tomorrow.

@Deltakosh @davrous

EDIT - @aWeirdo helped me solve this in a separate scene modifying my scene camera, so I'm fine for tomorrow. However, I would love to know why I cant get this scene I simply copied off of the playground to work. It's not how I would necessarily build my cameras, but it works on the Playground. So any thoughts are welcome.


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Your link on qedsoft.com does not work as well at home, but the PG post precedent worked well.

Your mistake, I saw it right away. newScene does not exist. (Uncaught ReferenceError: newScene is not defined)

Line error :

newScene.activeCamera.minZ = 0.001;
newScene.activeCamera.maxZ = 10000;


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Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Actually, when I read the code, it's amazing that I ever posted it, as it would never work for other reasons as well. It was a long day after the fires, and I don't know what I was even thinking. Sorry to even post such a messy poorly written script, and that you even took the time to look at it. It was a waste of time fro the beginning, but again, thanks for trying to help. I wrote skybox script in 2 minutes that worked.

I owe you for wasting your time. It's been a hell of a few weeks, but I'm in San Diego now on a cool project that's going well. So all's not bad. I still can't figure out how to get the nice clean "solved" tag on my posts.

Thanks again,


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