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Hello everyone! Thanks for such interesting project like Babylon :D:D:D


I want to make 3D building drawing and attach to them iot controls. 

So far, I found this amazing example of creating a house http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#RNCYVM#10


Can someone share links or explain how to make a 3D model in Blender, and then load it to the scene - it can obviously make a dev process faster.

And how to add listeners to objects (like wall or room),  which I will upload to the scene. So I can put the click on the 24 track click an exact object (a wall, or room) and open a list of sensors which are attached.


Thanks a lot!

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Hiya Mike, welcome to the forum.

Blender has its own documentation... easy to find on the web.

The best way to import Blender models into a BabylonJS scene... is to use our Blender-to-.babylon exporter.  Docs here.

Once your house model has been properly imported into a BJS scene, the coolest way to make it interactive/clickable... is to use the fabulous BJS ActionManager/Actions System.

Have you done a playground search for 'house'?  Here we go.

Perhaps "Lincoln Logs"?  (Wingnut just trying to be funny, but logs ARE cool.) 

Modeling with JavaScript (like the demo you found)... is fun and powerful! 

But Blender is fun and powerful, too.  Our Assets Manager is a great way to load Blender-exported models... into a BJS scene/playground.

Hope this helps. 

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