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Blender exporter does not export diffuse bsdf but bakes texture


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Hello everybody,
I try to export a simple meeple from blender to babylon. It does not export the materials which consist of a simple diffuse bsdf shade. The exporter always bakes the texture which is not my intendet aim.
Does anyone have an idea about it? The corresponding files are attached below.
Thanks a lot in advance!


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For cycles, all but the simplest need to be baked.  Your edge case, can be switched to using an internal render material.  It was not worth coding for this one exception. 

You can still use cycles for more complex stuff, while some simple meshes use internal.  True you cannot mix materials from the different renderers and expect materials from the non-current renderer to work, but we are exporting here not rendering. 

You cannot mix between renderers in a single mesh (multi-materials) though, you must go the cycles / baking route.

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