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Lighting for dummies


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OK I have tried changing specular for the material the ground color of the light and other options trying to eliminate the highlight in the middle.

In my real app its even more pronounced. So how do you get rid of it?

I need a light like the sun that just gives off a flat light to everything with no hot spot. 




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Is it gone now?  Usually, just set specularColor to black.  That's what I did.

Your hemi light is perfect for "even lighting", but I re-aimed yours straight-up (0, 1, 0), which is a little more sane than your numbers were.  But any aiming is fine.

Your hemi-light groundColor is fine, but you really won't be able to tell until you get a mesh or two into the scene, lift them off the ground a bit, and look at their bottoms.  (I suppose the bottom of the ground could be used, too, eh?)

Most people set .groundColor to some kind of gray like you have already set...  new BABYLON.Color3(.3, .3, .3), or maybe BABYLON.Color3.Gray().

You're doing good, CB!  What's ya workin' on for the real app?  Is it a secret? 

Don't forget about material.emissiveColor (or emissiveTexture, with emissiveTexture.level adjuster)... which is essentially material self-illumination without casting photons (can't cast shadows and can't illuminate nearby objects).  It is good fun, too.  Be well, party on!

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 What's ya workin' on for the real app?  Is it a secret? 

OH, I work for a private company and its an app thats not released yet so not a  DOD secret but restricted. Its not a game or anything that people would consider fun to play with but its 3D web based and keeps me pushing the boundaries. 

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