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How to affect particles with an airplane flying through?


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Maybe the particles could be emitted from a source in front of plane.  This source maintains its distance in front of the plane, should the plane actually move.  Particles go in the opposite "direction" of the plane.  These particles might actually give the feel plane is moving when it it not.

Actually affecting with propeller seems a tall task.

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2 hours ago, dbawel said:

I need my particles affected by an airplane propeller flying through them. How might I accomplish this?

Nice details.  :)

Color affected?  Scaling affected?  ParticleTexture affected?  Change the particle names?

Here ya go.


Ahhh, the anticipation nearly killed ya, didn't it?  Hey, the propeller passing thru the wall of particles... "affected" them.   It changed their color!   C'mon!  :D

Yuh yuh yuh, playground comedy... there's SO MUCH MORE to it than just delivering the gag.  It's about timing, and anticipation, and disappointments.  heh.

@dbawel ... I bet you wanted particle POSITIONAL 'affect', eh?  Ohhhh.   I must have missed the part about WHAT TYPE-of 'affect'.  ;)

Von Karman Vortices.  You need to train all your particles... to do 'behavior'... and in-PARTICular... Fibonacci-based position updating.  At least, it appears Fibonacci/Golden Mean behavior is seen in those Von Karman vortices and other "prop wash" dirt/snow swirlings.  My fave is watching heli-skiers get dropped near snowy mountain-tops.  Those helicopters make the coolest prop-wash vortices.  Fun!


That thread has some talk about particle flocking/magnetism.  *shrug*  Party on!

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