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Phaser Boilerplate request.


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I have a request.

Im a total javascript noob and i'm using phaser to try learn more.


I think alot of people like me would like a boilerplate for a simple platformer.

That includes states for preload, menu, endgame, pause, maingame etc, and using prototypes and separate files for some entities like players, hud, levels etc. So its easy to organize files and extend it.


A combination of this guys exellent tutorial and the phaser example for states. 

It shouldnt really cointain a game. just alot of comments. and placeholders like the existing template.

and no license except phasers.


That would be a great start for many phaser games.



PS. ( i know that someone made the plugin nagion which seem to do this.

But i don't really want to rely on a plugin and the need to put license in all my sourcefiles where i use it puts me off. Sorry Nagion developer.)




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(FYI Nadion uses the same license as Phaser. as far as I'm concerned you can do whatever you like with Nadion. personally, I don't consider a minified javascript file to be a "source release" and can't see any reason why you would need to put the text to a license in one. but certainly if Nadion doesn't do what you want then you have no reason to use it.)

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@Biggerplay I already mentioned the phaser template, but like i said, id like it combined with toastedware.com's tutorial

How to use the states in the phaser template together with some entities in separate .js files.


Something that would take 1 minute to do for someone how know. But impossible for someone who dont grasp prototypes yet. (me)

I find it easier to understand and learn if i see an example.


@jcs Sorry then i misunderstood. I blame english not being my native language ;)

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