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Phaser 0.6 and 0.7 Updates


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Phaser V0.7


Renamed FullScreen to StageScaleMode as it's much more fitting. Tested across Android and iOS with the various scale modes.
Added in world x/y coordinates to the input class, and the ability to get world x/y input coordinates from any Camera.
Added the RandomDataGenerator for seeded random number generation.
Setting the game world size now resizes the default camera (optional bool flag)


Phaser V0.6


Added in Touch support for mobile devices (and desktops that enable it) and populated x/y coords in Input with common values from touch and mouse.
Added new Circle geometry class (used by Touch) and moved them into a Geom folder.
Added in Device class for device inspection.
Added FullScreen class to enable full-screen support on mobile devices (scrolls URL bar out of the way on iOS and Android)


All now pushed to github.

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