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mesh simplified and cloned


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This is one simple question but I haven't found an answer in the doc or here so I ask ;)

When I simplify a mesh and clone it after. Will my cloned mesh be simplified too or not?
And have I to wait for the mesh to be simplified before cloning it to have the simplification on it?

Thanks, Pichou

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Hi guys.  Sorry to interrupt.  I think those are stored in mesh._LODLevels

See console... https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2QEFG#5

I guess you could try some clones/instances of sphere, and see if ._LODLevels property... arrives safely at the new mesh.  :)

If not, just steal a copy of masterMesh._LODLevels.  Do some 'deep copying', Pichou-style.  heh.

I hope I've been helpful.

PS: I needed to go source-diving to find the ._LODLevels property.  I could not '"discover" it... using a browser-based object inspector... on sphere.  Maybe my eyes are going bad.  :)

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