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scene serialized and reload problem


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I serialize a scene with a single field and 2, 3 meches, but when I reload this scene serialize, there are problems that I can not understand.

Here is the PG: (I could not record on the PG because the Json is too long so I put it below as an attachment, it will copy the code in the PG)


The json to copy to the PG in the attached file:


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There are a few errors I can see by looking really quick, the major one being a timing issue.  When I get into the office Ill take a look once I get a chance.  I do know it will be hard to make this on the PG, because of timing issues and not having access to the render loop.

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because of timing, you are already returning the "scene" object so its scope is set to the initial return.  You cant overwrite this unless you call the variable outside the scope that it was already returned from.  This shows how to correctly do it, I can load your specific json example if you need?

hmm I just noticed you were using append not load... strike my comment about scope because I think append should overwrite the scene its pointing to.

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var serialized = '';//Past BJS file here.;

var createScene = function () {
    var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine);    
    var camera = new BABYLON.FreeCamera("cameraUser", new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 7, -10), scene);
    var serializedJson = JSON.stringify(serialized);
    BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append('', 'data:'+serializedJson, scene, function(newScene) {       
        //scene = newScene;				
    return scene;

now that I saw you were using append.  My bad... I am known to over think things.

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13 minutes ago, Pryme8 said:

It looks like you were double serializing.  when its in .babylon format its already serialized.

What does it mean ? how can double serialization happen?

I think I must be tired right now, I have a hard time understanding a lot of things.

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serializedJson = JSON.stringify(BABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize(serialized));

the babylon object is already "serialized"
serializedJson = JSON.stringify(serialized);
You would do 
serializedJson = JSON.stringify(BABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize(scene));
to turn a scene into a serialized object then stringify it.

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