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Brick Breaker - Choppy effect


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Hi everybody,

I started recently playing with game coding using Phaser. This is really a nice framework. My first project is a simple (and opensource) brick breaker you can find out at https://github.com/QuentinouLeTwist/brick-breaker

I'm still in the understanding and experimenting steps but one of the effect I do not understand right now is the choppy effect while increasing vertical velocity of the ball (maybe that's not the best practice at all). Visually that's not really nice you know...

Also sometimes, the ball does the collision a bit above the paddle, I do not know why. Could it be a difference in the position of the body and the image ?

Was thinking first, ok it's framerate issue maybe, but after checking the FPS, it is approaching 60 in game. But again, I'm not so technically advanced with all that to be sure what can be an issue in term of code or performance.

The state game code : https://github.com/QuentinouLeTwist/brick-breaker/blob/master/src/states/Game.ts

Do not pay attention to the structure of the project, it is still in thinking & refactoring phase. I refactor it again and again to make it clearer & scalable as much as possible but I'm at the beginning of that. So please do not hit me that much if you see some outrageous things, just tell me the right direction if you think I'm going to the wrong path. :) 

Hope you can help me.

Bests regards and have fun coding !

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