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how to make real time blood trail and splatter


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I'm trying to code this blood trail and splat in the code



After so many hours, I end up with this, a far cry from what i want.



I'm only using Phaser Arcade Physics, applying force and rotation to a group of "pixel blood" and stamping randomly sized square pixel and sprites that look like this along the movement of the "pixel blood"


Any chance to do something like above without going through shaders?

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Okay decided I'll go with this instead first:


If you guys have any suggestions on how to improve this let me know so I can include it in the tutorial i'm writing on how i did this. 

At the moment it's a circle shape, squeeze horizontally to create the blood pool and vertically to create the drops/hangs from the pools.

The rest are just tweens, gravity and tile collision checks.

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