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Golf Project


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Well, since ya'll are going sneaking-around in the back-allies... I might as well release my "CannonJS Driving Range Prototype" v.0.0.1a  :D


Oh goodness.  Cannon doesn't have "motorEnabledJoints" or limitMotors.  It uses some other strange thing.  So, line 130... classic applyImpulse on the 'club'.

The club is "hanging"... FROM 'ibox'... by a hingeJoint.  (I've been experimenting with physics mesh hung by joint from physics mesh.  I recently needed it for another thread)

So... yeah... early attempts at a "club swing"... all physics.  Good lookin physics-active heightMap... over-layed with a wireframe clone... boundingbox true.

It's ALMOST interesting... but... not quite.  Anyway, if you guys are going adventuring, then you should put this playground demo into your pocket and take it along.  :)

Party on.  Stop touching yourselves.  ;)

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Hmmm, I thought I just did.  :)  I got a few hours into that thing. 

But no, I can't really "dedicate" to anyone or anything.... but thanks.  Also, I'm anti-cap... so... I dislike business (if that's where you are headed).

But I'll try to help answer BJS questions, FOR SURE!  I'll be right here, annoying the hell out of everyone... with my ridonkulously-long posts.  :)

Ya got time to ease-into this project... do some fun learning... no "dead"- lines, right?  You're not under any monetary extortion/terrorism, are ya?  (ahem)  :)

(Wingnut destroys some fear-inducing mailbox bills... with his chainsaw)  :)   Price-tagging (blockading) survival goods?  Pffft.  Gotta go. 

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:)  That CannonJS physics-active ball is definitely doing some rolling.  :D

In fact, it will keep rolling and rolling and rolling... forever... unless you use Raanan's "Leather Workboot" braking system.  (Constantly scale ball.linearVelocity * .98 until it's 0,0,0)  (artificial friction/wind-resistance)

FUN!!!  Raanan's workboot... scrub it against ANY physics-active sphere... it will eventually stop.  :)

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From my understanding of what he wants to really do, a physics plugin is not going to be applicable due to the inherent randomness of the simulations.  Instead I am going to use his datasets and an algorithm with approximations of real world variables to control the outcome.  That way also every step is calculated well before its needed and can be referenced  at any point for animations/graphics.

Ive been waiting for something cool like this to come up and kinda nerd gargasmed  when I saw that datasets he has.

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