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PIXI.TextStyle gradient stroke and pattern fillStyle


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I just want to ask if PIXI developers going to support pattern fill style and gradient/pattern strokeStyle.

Canvas API supports it.



also multi stroke will be nice to have.

Maybe somebody can recommend me a lib with such text effects for PIXI


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Oh, right, those PR's are about Text. Well, you have the answer: no one wants to help with Gradient.

Make your PR, but beware that Pixi is hybrid webgl-canvas renderer and features that work only for canvas always will be second-class citizens. Or even third, take a look at v5 branch `next`, it has separate Canvas renderer, called "Legacy".

UPD. Outdated, I thought you want Graphics :)

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When I saw the title I thought I'd done a pr for it at some stage!

It wasn't accepted into pixi official because there were worries about the text api becoming a bit crazy. The hope in the future is that you could pass perhaps a PIXI.Gradient into the fill properties, and thus no need for separate stop point and gradient type settings every time it's an option.

But I use the contents of that PR in my games on my own pixi fork :)

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