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Problem with MirrorTexture reflections in WebVRFreeCamera


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If we use MirrorTexture based reflections on any planer surface while using WebVRFreeCamera (And viewing in the VR HMD), reflected image is different for both the eyes. So it looks consistent and random. It can't be perceived to be a reflection. It looks like random artefacts. Because reflection is not matching. 

I am not able to imagine if the mirror texture should be obtained differently for both the eyes using two camera rig (Currently Babylon seems to be doing that ) or obtained reflection texture should be same for both the eyes. If it does need to be obtained two two camera rig (separate reflectionTexture for both eyes, then maybe the two camera rig has some position issue and position for internal mirrorTexture capture cameras need to be corrected. But mirrorTexture is wrong while checking in VR HMD is what I can tell. 


 @RaananW , Mentioning you because of  WebVRFReeCamera.


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Actually, I just figured having a refresh rate of anything higher than 1 creates the above effect. So with WebVR one must always use a refresh rate of 1. 


Also @Deltakosh , we are using mirrorTexture for reflection on planner flat surface. And I think if there was a builtin function to blur out the mirrorTexture that would help a lot for performance improvement. As one could keep the mirrorTexture resolution really low and still avoid jagged edges inside reflection. And since it's used for reflection not actually for real mirror, little blurry reflection is completely fine.  

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