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NOOB How to handle Multiple camera modes.


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This was a interesting subject.  The ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA view the ortho rectangle is square but your browser window is not.

Since most monitors are wider than taller I used the width as a variable and the height an absolute value. So when you change

the window you need to alter the width and height of the ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA based view.  What you see in the code

below is how I keep the view square while changing the browser window size. 


  // the canvas/window resize event handler
   window.addEventListener('resize',function() {
   // NOTE may have to be done all the time for correct guiAspectRatio
   // we need to resize the current view.

   if(scene.activeCamera.mode  == BABYLON.Camera.ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA)
       var prevheight=scene.activeCamera.orthoTop-scene.activeCamera.orthoBottom;
       var width=document.getElementById('renderCanvas').clientWidth;
       var height=document.getElementById('renderCanvas').clientHeight;
       var zoom=prevheight/groundDimension;
       height =groundDimension * zoom;
       scene.activeCamera.orthoLeft = (-height * guiAspectRatio);
       scene.activeCamera.orthoRight = (height * guiAspectRatio);

       scene.activeCamera.orthoBottom = -height;
       scene.activeCamera.orthoTop = height;




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