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SOLVED: Click on 3D Object to Go to Web Page


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Hiya WC, welcome to the forum.


Click on any cylinder... opens a different URL in CURRENT window.

Line 34 does all the damage.  :)

If you want the links to open in new windows... change line 34 to...


Tested ONLY in Firefox ESR (52.6).   I hope this helps! 

If you have questions, just ask. 

If you want to talk about that playground, let's do it.  :)  Party on.

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Cool!  I like all the webGL engines.  We're all on the same team... Team WebGL... and it's a great place to hang-out.  Polyhedrally-awesome.  :)  Thank goodness everyone got together and gave us 3D in the browser.  Geometry classes worldwide... are being treated better.... kinder... looked-upon with less disdain.  heh

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