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init parameters is undefined


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In Phaser 2.7.5 I'm trying to pass an object as a parameter from one state to another but the object is showing as undefined.

Below is the code from GameState whereby I'm looking to pass an object containing a score, time and seconds.

        score: this.killedGerms,
        time: this.timeLabel.text,
        seconds: this.remainingSeconds

Below is the CongratulationsState where the parameter, "data", is coming through as "undefined".

init: function(data) {
    console.log('data', data);

    data = data || {
      score: 0,
      time: "00:00",
      seconds: 0

Any ideas on where I have gone wrong would be greatly appreciated.

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changed "null" to "undefined"
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@smdool Okay so no data is passed at all then. Maybe you have another state.start('Congratulations'); call somewhere, which starts the CongratulationsState without passing anything? Sorry I can't be more helpful than that :( I would need to see the complete code for both states to say more. You can send me the files for these two states if you want to and I'll have a look at it.

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Thanks @jamespierce.

I think the issue is because I had previously been using phaser-state-transition.min.js to animate state transitions. I had recently stopped using phaser-state-transition while I was testing something out but hadn't removed the script tag from index.html. This appeared to be overriding the normal this.game.state.start function.

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